The #creators of ‘The Specialists’ Mod have no relation to #improvements made in the TSHD custom build. The original TS version is available on #ModDB since 2007 year.

FULL version

if you will need any help with custom configs or video settings, just write to chat.

steam version

restart steam after installing mod into \%SteamUser%\half-life\ directory.

Rest assured that all .exe and .dll files are clean of viruses and spyware. All files are completely checked by our community and Anyway, don’t forget about own safety and keep your antivirus updated.

3.0 HD

6 may 2020

  • FIXED crashing issues
  • Added maps and skins
  • updated favorites servers
  • installed game statistics
  • Improved models textures
  • launched few game servers
  • adjusted gfx performance
  • compiled handy launcher

21 june 2007

  • Vastly improved player movement and stunts
  • Improved/tweaked weapons balance, handling and effects
  • New game mode: Capture The Briefcase
  • New weapons
  • New maps
  • New stunts
  • New kung fu attacks
  • Enhanced slow-motion dynamics and effects
  • Enhanced visual effects and graphics
  • Throwing katanas
  • Improved particles effects and physics
  • The version number was increased by 0.9

6 june 2004

Here’s the list of what you’ll be finding in 2.1:

  • New thrown weapon physics. Weapons will fall and tumble in a realistic manner.
  • Updated particle system for bullet strikes and smoke when you fire a weapon.
  • Fixed not being able to dive if you jump off something.
  • Fixed The One mode.
  • Lots of other minor bugfixes.
  • Updated the recoil to be smoother.
  • Backwards velocity slightly increased.
  • Weapon damages slightly increased.
  • Knives will now ricochet off a wall if they strike them at a shallow angle.
  • lastinv command re-implemented.
  • cl_accel cl_accelexp and cl_accelmax “mewcelleration” added.
  • Many slight adjustmnents to weapons.
  • Shrapnel added to grenades.
  • Crosshair removed for fu, knives, katana, nades and the unscoped Barett.
  • Added attacking with the stock of a weapon, for the M4A1 and the sawed-off shotgun.
  • Reload button blocks in kung fu.
  • Added in force chase cam spectator mode.
  • MAC 10 removed and replaced with the H&K; UMP.
  • Added support for the mouse in the buy menu.
  • New Akimbo Berettas model.

There will be a release party on mIRC in the channel #specialistsmod on at 05:00am GMT.. be there on 30th April!!!


The promo video is ready to be downloaded and viewed! It comes in 34megs and Bink video format. Taste some action from 2.1…


21 july 2003

  • more than 30 real weapons (pistols, rifles, grenades, knives, swords..)
  • possibility to use the slowmotion also in multiplayer, slowmotion can be used anywhere by everyone also at the same moment, the same for slow-pause
  • a lot of movement freedom: dives, airflips, rolls, wallruns, walljumps and so on.. added bacwards flip, backwards roll, walljump & wallrun from 1.5
  • New climb system, also allows to perform wallruns
  • a complex kung fu system kicks, punches, air kicks, flips, and some special attacks.
  • great combat freedom , just play with your style.
  • possibilty to customize the weapons with silencers , scopes, lasersights and flashlights.
  • some powerups to use, like the superjump (the old “low-gravity”) , slowmotion , infinite ammo, powerful kung fu and so on..
  • different gameplays DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch, Teamplay with objectives, Last man standing…
  • more than 20 maps (25 total) , many ispired by the most famous action-movies
  • bots included, to play offline (type “addbot” in the console)
  • an advanced particle system that permit special effects like 3d muzzleflashes, gun smokes , explosions..

There are MANY other new features on 2.0 not only the ones i’ve enlisted. For ANY other question/new feature about the mod, PLEASE read the MANUAL, that is located in your “TS” directory follow this path: “x:/Half-Life/TS/TSmanual/TSmanual.htm”.
The MANUAL also can be viewed on our website.
Notice that there will be some moves that will not be explained in the manual, i’m referring to kung-fu and katana specifically, you will have to experiment or wait for others who will discover them…FORUMS 😉

Notice that we’ve released the win version, the linux one will come soon.
Another thing: our official NGI servers will be updated soon, until then they will keep running 1.5 version of the game


24 december 2002

  1. voting system (maps, dm or tdm, ff on/off)
  2. 2 sec of invulnerabiliy at respawn.
  3. some weapons adjusted.
  4. zoom levels adjusted.
  5. slowmatch (new game modality) , simply give you slowmo seconds each frag.
  6. slow indicator (when under slowmo effect).
  7. bot crash in skyscraper fixed.
  8. bot use powerups and weapon items.
  9. random buy.
  10. “usepowerup” command added (watch controls section), you can still use powerup with twice “use”.
  11. added “low-gravity” powerup.
  12. “Kung fu” powerup works until you die, also you can pick up other powerups.
  13. say “timeleft” to view how much time remain.
  14. say “ff” to view if ff is on/off.
  15. say “slow” to view if slowmatch is on/off.
  16. adjusted third person view while ducking.
  17. 30% of FF.
  18. in DM special frags for knife, throwing knife, kungfu, stunt frags.
  19. attack1 stand for slot1 and attack2 for slot10 (so you can confirm the menus using instead the numbers [1 or 0] the mouse buttons).
  20. lasersight and flashlight are active by default.
  21. Vgui for select team now works.
  22. Now you can buy a full load of knife or grenades.
  23. beretta ,ak and fnh sound updated.
  24. crosshair & Lasersight adjusted and blinded (there’s no way to change original TS crosshair, if players want to see the dot and be more accurated use lasersights).
  25. mp5k,mp5sd,mk23,mk23akimbo models updated.
  26. player with 80 free slots can run a bit faster.
  27. you can spawn without equipment if you want.
  28. every 3 consecutive frags you’ll get some points of health.
  29. ts parking has been updated.

Important, How voting system works: To vote something you have to say (like to talk with other players) “vote”, then you can vote for maps, ff , slowmatch or teamdm.
So write “map”, “ff”, “team” or “slow”. Now you have to write the map or if you want activate or deactivate ff,teamdm or slowmatch write “on” or “off”.
Here some examples:

“vote map ts_heresy” to vote for map ts_heresy.
“vote slow on” to vote for activate slowmatch.
“vote ff off” to vote for deactivate friendly fire.
“vote team on” to enable teamDM in DM maps.

Also there are 2 more vote tags, “reset” and “stats”; “reset” will reset all your votes, “stats” tell you how the votes are going.

“vote reset” to reset your votes.
“vote stats” to view vote stats.

Also is possible , if you want to write without spaces , like “votemap ts_heresy” or “votemapts_heresy”.

1.0 beta

Nov 18th, 2002

The Specialists mod has released. With some neat features added to the mod I was not prepared to see. Yes you will purchase weapons but the way its done is the nice feature that makes the mod stand out from the rest!

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