addbot: Add a bot ramdomly taken by the bots.txt file.
If you want a bot with a specific player model just write "addbot [player model]"; in teamDM the model means also the Team.

- addcustombot [name] [model] [skill]: Add a bot with specific values.
Example: addcustombot "bot" "gordon" 1.0 adds a bot named "bot" using the gordon model and with skill 1.0. (the skill range is 0.1 - 3.0)

- botlearn : bots learn the way throught the map following human players' paths around the level. set 0 to deactivate, set 1 to make bots learn, set 2 to make bots learn, but this also shows debug.

- addnode : add a node manually, also with botlearn 0.

- savenodes : save map nodes to disk.

- loadnodes : load map nodes from disk (TS do that automatically at map start)

- resetnodes : reset map nodes

IMPORTANT: official maps have already map nodes , and remember that bots doesnt works on dedicated servers