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Well, it’s finally here. This evening we’ll be releasing the RC version of TS3 to our testers. The files are in place and the servers up.

For those of you wondering what an RC is, I shall attempt a brief explanation. RC stands for Release Candidate, as the name implies this is meant to represent the game in its (reasonably) final form. The RC test is intended as a way of ironing out all those nigglesome bugs that the Beta testers missed, fine tuning the weapon balancing, looking for any gameplay issues that may arise and testing the maps to destruction. It represent a pretty huge step towards release for us and the team are understandably excited about getting fresh opinions on TS3. We’ll be posting more updates from, plenty of screens, comments from the testers and maybe, if you’re lucky, a few short videos as well.

But wait, that’s not all – as part of the build-up towards release the TS team are giving a few interviews. PlanetHalfLife will be interviewing Morfeo, Vino & myself in the near future, the results of which will be posted on their site as well as here. In addition to that, Vino’s going to be interviewed on the Gamers United show on GameSurge Radio by Bluewolf72. That’s happening on Wednesday, November 2nd at 9:00 PM EST (2:00 AM GMT) and you can listen to the show by clicking on the following link: That, I imagine, will be essential listening to anyone with an interest in TS3 and it’s development so far.

UPDATE: The interview time was posted wrong. It has been corrected now. Sorry about that!

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